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Building a Culture of Excellence

Building a Culture of Excellence, is achieved through a commitment to continual learning, action and reflection, with a focus on improvement and further learning.  Enduring Personal Transformation is the result of this simple process.  A process which leads to the Development of the Requisite Skills and Habits that form the foundation of  Exceptional Business and Personal Success.

The Path to success is deeply personal, we all have unique dreams, desires and beliefs that influence our perceptions of the world around us. We make efforts to live accordingly, we sometimes set goals, work on our  habits, and attitudes. The habits and attitudes that we currently “let run our lives” either support our success or become obstacles to sustained growth.  The challenges and tests we face and struggle with, lead us through the process of becoming successful.  Full of Success.

The Principles of Success are universal.  They are like other Natural Laws, like Gravity. Gravity is always working, I recognize this every time I drop something.  Gravity works, it never takes a day off, it is always there.  The Principles of Success apply to all of us, all of the time, whether we know them or not, whether we believe in them or not, they are loyal and faithful friends.  Embracing them and honoring them and respecting them will lead to a successful life.

Requirements: An Attitude of Leaning and a Sense of Possibility

Studying and applying these fundamentals has made all the difference to my personal success.  These “Laws” or “Principle” are the “Navigational Tools” that keep us on track and headed in the right direction. We use them to move ourselves from where we are in our lives,  to where we want to be.  I refer to this as our “Destination”.  I believe our heartfelt Dreams can be achieved with more predictability and control when we accept and use these time tested and proven Success Principles as our guide.

My goal is to help you think about this process, to start a dialog, to exchange information about the Principles of Success.  To create a space for learning, where you are encouraged to step outside of the ordinary and experience the Extraordinary. To encourage success minded individuals to stay focused on the process that brings the Results and Achievement we deserve.

Developing a Culture Excellence, that promotes a way of thinking, studying and acting, in which all consider themselves part on a TEAM or community, committed to the process of advancement and empowerment. A combination of Independence and Interdependence based on mutual respect and a knowing that everyone has something unique to contribute to the team.

The Process of Positive Change

There is in my view, a two fold process for creating positive change in our lives: One is the process of acquiring new skills, attitudes, virtues, knowledge, success, wisdom,  …etc.  The second, is the process of wearing away of our own personal rough edges.  Refining the coarser parts of our habits, actions, prejudices and immature and outdated beliefs. This second part of the process is perhaps the more difficult, requiring a willingness to look within and recognize these flaws and imperfections with a desire to improve, by letting go.  The process of releasing the “less than our best” and make room for the better.


Becoming a leader is a self appointed choice. It starts with a decision, to cultivate the qualities and attributes within ourselves, that we admired most and see manifest in leaders we respect. Leaders that recognizes that personal character, is the application of the Principles of Success. That any power and influence achieved comes through the process of living these Principles with a sustained commitment to holding oneself to a higher standard, ongoing personal improvement and continual focus on making a contribution to those around us. Holding to this standard is often referred to as becoming a Servant Leader.

This is my personal mission and commitment. We may not be able to change others, but we can begin to change ourselves and this is the essence of building a culture of excellence.

I want to thank and acknowledge my personal mentors for their consistent guidance and leadership. The meaning of “Leader” is Path Finder, and you have lead me to the right path.

Welcome to the Journey!

Dan Conlon