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Monologue Vs. Dialogue

Monologue Vs. Dialogue

monologue a long speech by one actor in a play or movie, or as part of a theatrical or broadcast program.
• the form or style of such speeches : the play oscillates between third-person narration and monologue.
a long and typically tedious speech by one person during a conversation : Fred carried on with his monologue as if I hadn’t spoken.

dialogue a discussion between two or more people or groups, esp. one directed toward exploration of a particular subject or resolution of a problem

• a discussion between two or more people or groups, esp. one directed toward exploration of a particular subject or resolution of a problem
take part in a conversation or discussion to resolve a problem

Here are my notes form Monday Evening Training Call.

Conversational Marketing

Respect, The Golden Rule, treat people the way you want to be treated.
Your prospects (and everyone around you) are watching you and asking themselves do I want to do what he/she is doing?

Mindset of Conversational Marketing

Relaxed Focus = Calm, Excited, Informed, Prepared

Be interested not interesting! Focus on the attributes your prospect’s posses, their goals, wants and desires. Stay focused on helping people get what they want, and you can have anything you want.

Speak Clearly. Ask for what you want. Say,  “Here is who I am looking for … does that sound like you?”

Prepare a Simply, clear message

Be prepared, develop a 30 second commercials for all areas of the business

When “you” are prepared you can then invest more of your time and energy on the other person.

Conversational Marketing is about Story telling

Your story,  the Market Story, The Specific Product Story, the Company Story, the Timing Story, The Growth Potential Story and the Compensation Story…etc.

Needs Assessment: A Journey of Discovery

What do we need to discover through our conversation with prospects?

What is the Buying criterion of the Prospect in front of you? i.e. What is important to them?

What is the “Threshold of Information” you need to meet for them to join?

Is your prospect just being “Polite” or are they really interested? Agreeing with you does not mean they are interested in taking action.

Questions drive understanding.

Questions allow the other to provide answers and They also invite the other to speak and for you to LISTEN

Seek Agreements and Confirm Agreements

1. Are you open to new business and income producing ideas?
2. Are you willing to work IF you found the right situation?
3. Are you able to do your due diligence on this project i.e. Learn more?
4. Can you make a decision, either “yes or no” … no hard feeling, OK?

How do you know if someone understands you?? Ask!

“John, If the right business project came along is the timing right for you to act immediately?

How do you know if someone agrees with you??

How do you know if someone wants to join your team??

How do you know if you? Understand someone them?

How do you know that you want to work with this person?

“If I heard you correctly you said….. is that right?”

Dialog starters – Before a one-on-one presentation …


What kind of work are you doing now?

What do you like most about what you current do?

What do you like least about what you current do?

What would you change if you could? What would make it even better?

What is it that you would most like to see change in your world right now?

If you didn’t have to work for money what would you like to be doing?

During the Presentation 1-on-1’s should be short!

Can you see how this market is the place to be right now?

Can you see that this product innovation we have just discussed is going to reach a lot of people and create a strong and profitable business?

Does it make sense to you that the “Timing” is on your side as we bring this to the market?

What have I said so far that makes the most sense to you?

Based on what we have discussed so far what stands out the most to you?

Do you understand that this company is build for the long term?

Do you get a feel for the innovative Corporate Culture that has evolved with NSE?

Closing Question

What is your level of interest on a scale of 1-10… 1 you have no interest in the business , and 10 you are ready to come on board with us?
“I’m a 6”
What do we need to show you to get you to a 9 or 10?

Recap and Invite them to Enroll NOW

You really seem to understand the BIG Picture, are you ready to take the next step and learn how to get started?

Reflective listening

“What I heard you say was…”

“If I understand you, you are looking for…”

Moving it Forward i.e. Advance the process

“What is it that I mentioned so far, that holds your interest right now?”

“What do you like most about what I have shared with you so far?”

“Would you be interested in just using the product or are you also interested in learning more about the business side of things too?”

“If you were to get started, when would you like to start making additional income?”

“If you found something that was a good fit when would you like to get started?”

“If I could show you how to build a $3,000 to $5,000 a month income would that be of interest to you?”

Confused about their interest?

“Are you just being polite or are you really interest?”

“What is it that interests you most right now?”

“How soon would you like to start making the changes we’ve discussed?”

“How soon would you like to start making more money?”

“How soon would you like to build a business, so you could fire your boss?”

I know this is a lot of information, however, when you master the process, you master your potential for growth.

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